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2022 is shaping up to be a lot more promising than the previous two years. As a church we experienced something we have not before, a pandemic. During that time we learned to be flexible in how we solve challenges that arise. With 202 looking to return us and our churches back to "normal" day to day living, we can look at starting some things we have been looking forward to with lots of excitment!


The first thing is our grwoing opportunity to help others through or mercy ministry (omsorgstjeneste). We are doing the best we can to take care of ourselves, but let us not forget the importance and value of caring for ohers. We are involved in visiting people at home or at the hospital. We have been delivering food to people in need and when we are finsihed with our new add on to the existing building (hopefully the 16th. of February) we will start with a language course! So many opportunities to get involved and help to care care of other people. One thing I know I am personally excited about is the new serires we are about to start in February, "Bro til tro".Although it is a series for February, it will remain a focus in the coming months as well. This is an oppotunity for US to join together, be encouraged in sharing our faith as individuals through prayer, through building relationships and in our words to others. We hope this will inspire our church to not only be attendees on Sundays, but to become engaged and active participants in God's mandate to see new people come into His family. One other thing I am really excited about is "Jesus hele livet". This will be a new initiative for the whole church body to emphasize spiritual growth across different areas of our congreation and try to support one another in that. Areas we hope to impact in building, sharing and implementing our faith are: in families, in our younger generations, in other cultures that are attending Pinsekirken Heimdal and seeing alle generations and nations rejoicing together around the message of Jesus.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” - Charles Dickens


We are excited that you and eveyone else who calls Pinsekirken Heimdal home, is on this journey together in becoming a NEW US! Weare inviting our families, our friends, our neighbors to join in the fun. Come be part of the excitment and make what God is doing even more memorable. Don't miss out on all the great opportunities to hang with God's church and not only Sundas. Also, do not miss ut on all the great content that will be coming out on our site every month; missions, parenting vicotires (and defeats), being single, dating, rising up to meet challenges and so much more! Check back next month!

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